Firework Pet Safety Tips


Whether it is the 4th of July or another celebration, many dogs are uncomfortable or even terrified during fireworks.  Here are a few tips for dealing with fireworks this 4th of July:

1. First and foremost, NEVER leave your dog outside during fireworks and do not take them with you to a firework show. Make sure to walk your dog during daytime and keep them inside 4th of July night. 

2. Make sure your dog is comfortable. Every dog is unique and finds comfort in different things. If your dog is kennel-trained, consider kenneling them if that is their safe space. Others may prefer having their favorite toy nearby or being with you.

3. While comforting your dog, you should remain calm, use a soothing tone of voice, and gently pet them. However, be careful not to reinforce their anxiety. Sometimes it is best to act as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on outside. 

4. If your dog suffers from extreme anxiety, dog-safe CBD may help soothe them. Our store owner has both of her dogs on CBD for medical reasons, and generally increases their dosage a couple days before the 4th of July. As always consult your vet before trying anything new. 

Stay safe and have a Happy 4th of July!